behold the night

Five young women. Sleeping. One old man. Six nights. A reflection about beauty, sweetness, old age and death. A free adaptation around the novel by Yasunari Kawabata "Nemureru Bijo", "Sleeping beauties".
With: Noémie Ettlin, Charlotte Fox, Dovilė Jankauskaitė, Jeanne Jougleux-Marchand, Anaïs Auphan. Screenplay: Jacques Dubuisson, Music: René-Marc Bini. Directed by Romain Claris et Jacques Dubuisson. 2018 - 50 minutes

2018 Official selections

Wunderground Film Festival - Ghent, Belgium
Experimental Forum - Los Angeles, USA
Ciudad de Mexico International Film Festival - Mexico
Festival Lignes d’erres - Bordeaux, France

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