Since 2000, Romain Claris has been directing short films, selected or awarded by a hundred international film festivals.

He graduated from the Conservatoire Libre du Cinéma Français in 2005.
He then became head of the video department of the advertising agency Claris Image Builder and produced more than 300 films since 2006.

In 2020, he co-founded and directed the Bordeaux Shorts Biennale. The second edition will take place October 21 2022 Cinema Utopia Bordeaux.

His last two short films made in 2022 are submitted to several international film festivals. White Bear in Hippo Land is awarded Best Animation Film at the Roma Short Film Festival.
His short film La danse won the Best Art Film Award at the Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival.

Romain Claris intervenes several times as a referent in the framework of pedagogical film projects. In 2022, ECLA students from the Lycée Victor Louis in Talence write and direct their short films on the issue of prejudices about ancient languages.

In development: Les comptes de la lune, the 15-minute creative documentary offers another history of the invention of numbers and calculation.

After a trip to Niger in 1995 where he attended the shooting of the feature film Imûhar in the middle of the Sahara, Romain Claris worked for several years in black and white and colour photography.

He bought his first camera by selling his collections of poems at the Bordeaux train station. He then began directing very short films in 2000 with "Infini" written and shot in Spain and "Real Trip" directed in New York in 2001.
He worked as cameraman on "Lisbon Project" by Irish artist James Coleman, produced by Les Films d'Ici in 2004

Graduated with honours in 2005 from the Conservatoire Libre du Cinéma Français at Paris, he then joined the communication and advertising agency Claris Image Builder in Bordeaux as head of the video department and is responsible for the production of around 300 films for the luxury industry: yachting, vineyards, architecture, culinary... including signature films such as Air Mer Bateaux Terre for CNB Yacht Builders.

In parallel to his agency work, he continues to make personal short films selected or awarded at international film festivals.
In 2007 his minute film "Two" won the Special Mention at the Lille Minute Film Festival.
His two films "Life Choice" and "Le temps mange la voix et les mots" were selected by the cultural program of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games to be part of the French selection for the World One Minute.
His film-poem Painting with the dragonfly written and directed in the USA was selected by the Cinérail Festival in Paris in 2009.
In 2011, the short film La robe was awarded Best Experimental Film at the Disturb Awards in Paris.

He also directs several documentary portraits of creators: Bernard Varvat, marble sculptor in 2005, Gilles Jonemann, jewel and object designer in 2009.
In 2011, the artistic director of the international dance troupe United Dance Company, Alexandre Hoffmann, gave him a free hand: the production of a 45-minute documentary on the company's life.
In 2013 he directed a film for the presentation of the new collection of fashion designer Tomas Bagackas at the Lithuanian Embassy.

For its 9th edition, the international film festival Pêcheur du Monde has entrusted him with the presidency of the professional jury in 2017.

In 2018, his film minute Les cousins des nuages shot with a mobile phone was selected by about fifty international festivals and won five prizes, including that for best philosophy in animation at the Avalonia Festival in the USA.

He co-directed with Jacques Dubuisson in 2018 the medium-length film Voici que la nuit, a very free adaptation on Yasunari Kawabata's novel "Sleeping beauties", selected at the Forum Experimental in Los Angeles and in Belgium at the Verbeke Foundation at the Wunderground Film Festival and received the Award for the best experimental medium-length film at the Five Continent International Film Festival.

In 2019, the NGO Watever initiated "Un trésor à la carte": a private sale, by auction, to the Lafayette Anticipation Foundation, the profits of which are donated to the sea rescue actors. Romain Claris participates by directing the very short film Ici commence.
The film is then selected in Madrid by the EuropeNow festival and in Bilbao at the Bideodromo International Experimental Film Festival.

He also signed several photography and video exhibitions with the photographer Nicolas Claris, including Bangladesh in 2013, Trois châteaux en hiver in 2014, Bateaux, Châteaux, Gâteaux in 2016, Rouge in 2017, Noirs in 2018.
Their latest exhibition Un peu de rouge, pourtant. was on display at the Seeko'o cultural centre in Bordeaux until early January 2020.

Directed in 2019, L'eau de la terre is a tale that offers several levels of reading with its metaphors and allegories. Freely inspired by some thirty paintings by great masters of painting such as Qi Baishi, Gao Xingjian, Shoda Koho, or Katsushika Hokusai, Chloé Guêze paints this tale of Oceania which tells the story of an ordinary little frog who wanted to become extraordinary.
L'eau de la terre is awarded Best Animation Short Film at the Varese International Short Film, as well as Best Screenplay Award at the Picasso Einstein Buddha International Film Festival.

The international film festival producer Jonathan Zsofi entrusted Romain Claris in 2020 with the creation and direction of Bordeaux Shorts the International Festival of 1 Minute films and Short Films of Bordeaux.
The festival offers a panel of short films from all over the world. From 1 minute, very short films of 1 to 4 minutes and short films of 4 to 15 minutes in the following genres: Fiction, Animation, Documentary, Experimental.
874 submissions from 65 countries were submitted for this first edition. The international jury: Paula Olaz, Ziad Kalthoum and Daniel Vellucci awarded 16 prizes among the 46 officially selected films.
At the end of the evening screening which took place on 23 October 2020 at the Utopia cinema in Bordeaux, the awards and the Special Grand Prix, all categories and genres combined, have been announced.
The next edition of the Bordeaux Shorts Biennale will take place in October 2022.