Venusi.ia is a short film created for the photography and video exhibition Fragments by Nicolas Claris & Romain Claris

VENUS.IA - A reflection on beauty.
Today, AIs (Artificial Intelligences) generate new faces and "perfect" bodies on command. Everyone can choose their own enhanced, typified, smoothed image.
VENUS.IA was inspired by Praxiteles' Aphrodite in Cnidus, considered to be the first female nude in the history of art and the first aesthetic canon.
Constructed like a jigsaw puzzle, the shots try to fit together like an AI looking for images to analyze. The film focuses on the movement of each body part as it seeks out another to form a coherent whole. If the weakest element determines the quality of the whole, if every piece, every shot of this puzzle is objectively beautiful... shouldn't that make for a beautiful whole?
But perhaps part of the beauty lies in the interstice, in the in-between, in the search itself. For as soon as the pieces are all in place and fit together, ready to embody this "beauty", something seems to get lost, the magic slips away.
Shouldn't beauty remain in motion, so that everyone can be invited to their own subjectivity? Shouldn't we continue to build, to seek, to invent our own beauty, and free ourselves from these imposed aesthetic canons?

3 min 10 - 2024


Silver Award - Category Experimental Film - Milan Gold Awards Film Festival - January 2024

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