An exhibition of photographs and video by Nicolas Claris and Romain Claris

Black is the origin. With the appearance of light different BLACKS are revealed, multiple, sensitive, fragile but with such presence! BLACKS that are born from the deprivation of light, BLACK reflections of non-reflections, a kind of anti-light that makes us discover colors, lights and materials. They emphasize, reveal and make us aware of close richness. Magical, simple, quotidian.
As a starting point, we took existing materials that are spatially-friendly to the imagination. One could be tempted to recognize skins, minerals, cellars, roads, mountains, water, sea, stars, coal, technical fabrics, bolt, a ship’s bow or a dancer. But does one really need these eclectic identifications? These are just starting points, initializations, suspensions of time, like frozen frames masterfully highlighted by the BLACKS...
By associating the imaginary and the real, dreams and origins are merging.
We keep playing, dreaming, looking even further ... with our desires of drilling holes for light.


Selection BLOW-UP International Arthouse Film Festival Chicago - USA, 2019
Selection Somerville International Film Festival - USA, 2019
Selection New York City Independent Film Festival - USA, 2019
Selection Retro Avant Garde Film Festival Venezia - Italy, 2019

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