l'eau de la terre

Freely inspired by some thirty paintings by great masters of painting such as Qi Baishi, Gao Xingjian, Shoda Koho, or Katsushika Hokusai, Chloé Guêze paints this tale of Oceania which tells the story of an ordinary little frog who wanted to become extraordinary.

The Buddhaboard allows to paint with water, then to see the paint disappear when it dries. Filmed, then accelerated, then reversed and animated, the paintings then appear in movement ...


Best animation short film ROMA Short Film Festival. Roma, Italia
Best animation short film VIFF - Varese International Film Festival. Varese, Italia
Best screenplay award - Short animation category Picasso Einstein Buddha International Film Festival. Tapovan, India


Festival Silhouette. France
Retro Avant Garde Film Festival - New York City. RAGFF. USA
11th CMS VATAVARAN - Environment and Wildlife Film Festival and Forum. India
Tokyo International Short Film Festival. Japan
16th Athens ANIMFEST. Greece
Retro Avant Garde Film Festival - Venise. RAGFF. Italia
Festival del cinema Cefalù . Italia
MONSTRA - Lisbon Animated Film Festival. Portugal
Greece Ionian Contemporary Animation Festival ICONA. Greece
New Wave Short Film Festival. Germany
Palm Springs International Animation Festival. California, USA
International Fine Arts Film Festival Santa Barbara. Los Angeles, USA
International Ecological Film Festival To Save and Preserve. Russia
World Animation Festival. Pennsylvania, USA
New York Animation Film Awards. New York
Short to the point. Roumania
Fist up film festival. California
Rome prisma independent Film Awards. Italy
Lisbon Film Rendezvous. Portugal

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