The purpose of Watever is to find alternative solutions to wood and, wherever possible, to bring, through design, manufacturing processes, and technology, floating solutions useful to people who live by water, on water, on all shores of the world.
Marc Van Peteghem

When we proposed our collaboration to Marc Van Peteghem, we had no particular knowledge of Bangladesh but we wanted to approach the subject without being miserable, to show the beauty and pride of the Bengalis and their country. To try to approach us, to bring our empathic glance, of earthlings to earthlings. We were served! Our ambition was not to describe the action of Watever, it does that very well. Nor to explain the need to intervene in Bangladesh, which seems obvious to us. We simply felt the need to show the environment in which Watever works, the avowed goal being to provoke the desire to contribute financially to its action by acquiring prints and/or the film.
Watever's work is humble, serious, responsible and requires a lot of human and financial investment. May this exhibition encourage you to help them! This Bangladesh! exhibition is composed of photography and video. You don't watch a film like a photography exhibition... There is a special moment for each of them. Convinced that photography and film can complement each other and have the power to multiply feelings and emotions, we offer you both!
Nicolas et Romain Claris


Selection International festival Pêcheurs du Monde. France, 2016
Selection Photo Independent Art Fair. Hollywood, United-States, 2015
Selection festival Cinéphiles à la barre. France, 2015
Selection festival Les Toiles de Mer. France, 2014


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