La danse

Free interpretation of Henri Matisse's "The Dance" (1910). A reflection on time, on immobility, on the movement to come. The short film "La danse" deals with the evocation of the double and the superposition, of what precedes and what follows. It is an invitation to experience the pure joy of the dance itself.

Film made for the photography and video exhibition by Nicolas Claris and Romain Claris.

Choreography - Chloé Guêze
Dance - Morgane Bafcop, Margerie Chesnais, Inti Gonzalez, Emmanuelle Jutan, Anaïs Tsouknakis


Best Super Short Film - Paris Film Awards
Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival Best Art Film Award
Venus Community Awards
London Movie Awards Best Experimental Film


Florence Film Awards


IMMAGI]NA Film Festival
New York Movie Awards
Arrow International Film Festival
10th International Video Poetry Festival
Festival del cinema Cefalù
F8&Halfim Awards Iconic Images Film Festival
Festival des corps
Hollywood Gold Awards

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