Five young women asleep, an old man, six nights, thought about beauty, sweetness, old age, death, a very free variation around Yanusari Kawabata's novel 'Nemureru Bijo'. With Noémie Ettlin, Charlotte Fox, Dovilé Jankauskaité, Jeanne Jougleux-Marchand, Anaïs Pomeline-Auphan.

United Dance Company

United Dance Company is an international ballet troupe led for fifteen years by Alexandre Hoffmann. Under the auspices of UNESCO, a dozen of very high level dancers come together for a common artistic project, for ten events. Between theatre, contemporary or classic dance and original creations, immerse yourselves in this creative and poetic “kaleidoscope”, which reflects the particular language of the world of dance. Learn the steps to creating a ballet: Costumes, rehearsals, troupe life, behind the scenes of a show, but also places steeped in history and magic such as the magnificent Theatre of Augsburg. These images invite you to embark on a unique journey in the privacy of the Company through Austria and Germany. "We try to achieve this harmony, this moment where everything comes together... Then comes the emotion which you always want to feel..." Sergei Upkin, the ballet master.

Gilles Jonemann, jewel and obkect designer

In the workshop of jewelry creator Gilles Jonemann, we discover a multitude of tools and machines, natural and synthetic materials. Gilles Jonemann believes a jewel cannot exist without its environment: the body. Jewels are alive because they are worn. In 2003 the Ministry of Culture awarded him the title of Master of Art. His gallery Naila de Monbrison in Paris tells us that "it is for poetry that women buy Gilles's jewelry: they are made to convey a story - a nice story".

Watever Bangladesh !

Watever has for vocation to give assistance to the deprived populations which live on the banks of the oceans and rivers by the study and the implementation of useful floating solutions, adapted to their economic, social and climatic situations in all the domains linked to the water.

Tomas Bagackas

The couturier Tomas Bagackas presented his first fashion collection in Paris 21. November 2013 at the elegant mansion belonging to the Lithuanian Embassy. The documentary film follows his "Timless" collection process.


An exhibition of photographs and video by Nicolas Claris and Romain Claris. May 2-June 12, 2017 at Relais & Châteaux Saint-James Bouliac. The red will be the usual thing at Château Angélus and at Print!

Bateaux Châteaux Gâteaux

An exhibition of photographs and video by Nicolas Claris and Romain Claris May 3-June 13, 2016 at Relais & Châteaux Saint-James Bouliac